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About Us


Hi, we’re Matt and Isla,
Vinny’s founders (and parents)

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We’re dreamers
and doers

We saw a future where vegan-friendly snacks didn’t have to be so boring and bad for you

We got tired of complaining, so we decided to get creative and roll up our sleeves. We wanted to bring some colour, excitement and nutrition to the world through snacks, drinks and… who knows what next!?

Vinny was born

We’re super proud of our vending machines and snackboxes. They bring our artisan snacks and Vinny’s cheeky smile to spaces and homes. More than that, they bring us hope that there are other people out there who want better, think bigger and believe in Vinny. It makes us want to do more and give more! And more is exactly what we gave…

More effort, more impact

We want the Vinny experience to be extra-special, from supporting British artisanal snack brands to the anti-Covid technology on our machines that keep our snackers safe. We’re here to make a real positive impact on the world, swapping old bad habits for healthier, tastier ones – bite by bite.

It’s all love

You see, that’s why everybody who meets Vinny, loves him. It’s not just that he looks fantastic, or that he’s packed with delicious, nutritious snacks. It’s that we really care. We put our ethics and ethos on a pedestal, only partnering with brands who feel the same way. After all, it’s what’s inside that matters.

The team behind
The Machine

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