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Vending Machines

The future of
Self-service Snacking

Unbelievably delicious, spotlessly hygienic and so much healthier. Move over old machines…

Vending just got Vinnified

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Why people
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More Hygienic

Vinny’s super smart and ultra hygienic! He can be built with groundbreaking features for a safer, Covid-conscious world.

Healthier Snacks

Now snackers can eat better and feel better on the go, completely taking the guilt away from the pleasure.

Support UK Artisans

Every snack is carefully sourced from brands we trust and believe in. They’re specially selected for their goodness and deliciousness.

100% Vegan friendly

Vegan-friendly food excludes 0% of the population, luckily all of Vinny’s snacks are 100% plant-based.


Vinny will brighten up any space, becoming a hotspot for snacks and selfies.

Try something new

We’ll surprise snackers by regularly bringing in new, artisan products that they can’t find on average supermarket shelves.

Universal Features

Advanced Technology

Vinny offers cash-free and contactless payments as well as real-time stock management and 24/7 control via the VendLive™ platform.

Intuitive User Experience

The future of vending is here. Expect a large, welcoming HD touchscreen, easy-to-use filters for selection and helpful nutritional info.

Eye-catching Design

Vinny’s fun, attractive and an ideal advertising spot. He can even be adapted – ask us about our bespoke co-branding opportunities!

Keeping safe and Covid-free

Microbial Screens

Vinny’s display will provide 24/7 anti-bacterial protection – it’s simple and makes the whole process squeaky clean.

UVC Light

The delivery chute is blasted with UVC light to destroy bacteria and achieve the highest hygiene standards possible.

Automated Flap

Most vending flaps are annoying and unhygienic. Vinny’s delivery area opens automatically, with no unnecessary touching.


Browse Vinny’s selection of tasty, artisanal treats (new ones introduced monthly!)

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